Cinnamon Vanilla Quinoa Protein Waffles with Smashed Blackberry Sauce

Happy Wednesday! Here’s a delicious recipe to tide you over to the weekend!

A few months ago I was contacted by the lovely Wendy from the equally as lovely blog Cooking Quinoa! Her blog is all about Quinoa and features recipes using everything quinoa from the whole grain, to quinoa flakes, to flour, and all the in between!

Quinoa is such an amazing “super-grain” and why the heck shouldn’t it have a whole blog dedicated to it?!

Wendy asked me if I would come up with a great healthy quinoa recipe to post up on her blog and here’s what I came up with!

Cinnamon and Vanilla Quinoa (Flour) Protein Waffles with a Smashed Blackberry Sauce... yup, it’s a mouthful of a recipe title and a mouthful of a recipe!

Head on over to Cooking Quinoa to see the recipe and the rest of my guest post there – just click the link below!

Cinnamon Vanilla Quinoa Protein Waffles

with Smashed Blackberry Sauce

Featured on Cooking Quinoa



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