Simple Broth Poached Salmon with Blueberry Balsamic Reduction

The hubby and I have been eating tons of salmon lately as part of our 12-week fit challenge (which, by the way is almost over already!! Holy smokes that went by quick!!), and I’ve been trying to flavor it up many different ways to keep it exciting! One of my favorites is the Ginger Soy Poached Salmon, and you may also remember the Chili Rubbed Salmon I did a little while back!

This dish, tops them all! It doesn’t exactly fit into our diet parameters, per se… but we considered adding the delicious blueberry balsamic reduction to our salmon the other night an excusable teeny little “cheat” as we only used about a tablespoon each, and we ARE allowed some balsamic! It was sooooo yummy and totally took the salmon to the next level!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing unhealthy about this blueberry balsamic reduction – we just went out of our daily macros a bit by adding in the  blueberries to the reduction as that makes it a tad higher in natural sugars.

The reduction is actually very clean and surprisingly easy to make! I’ve always been a bit intimidated by reductions, but this one was literally a breeze!

Blueberries, balsamic vinegar, a little bit of olive oil, a shallot, and black pepper is all you need to make this thick sweet reduction! It tasted amazing with the salmon which I poached in organic vegetable broth. You could easily pour this reduction over chicken breast, good quality beef or bison, or even roasted vegetables!

I picked up this recipe idea from Jackie at Domestic Fits. In her original version of the recipe, she steams the salmon in the oven and tops it on a bed of arugula, quinoa, edamame, and almonds! Simple, gorgeous, and wholesome! I couldn’t NOT remake this recipe!

In my version of the recipe, I poached the salmon, and perched it on a bed of massaged kale and my favorite Tru Roots sprouted rice/quinoa blend. I also ended up adding some cherry tomatoes and sliced mushrooms to the mix when I finally devoured this amazing dish!

From start to finish this recipe takes less than 20 minutes, requires minimal ingredients, and is full of fresh, light flavors!

Salmon is such a great protein source, bursting with healthy essential fatty acids, and when topped with this amazing blueberry balsamic reduction, you’ll think you are eating an indulgent meal at a fine dining restaurant!

Whoa, Christal.. setting the bar high with this one!

Yup.. I AM – but trust me! It’s amazing!

Get the recipe over —-> here <—- at Jackie’s wonderful Domestic Fits blog! Try the recipe her way, or change it up like I did and try it my way! EITHER WAY you’ll be happy you did! 🙂



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