30 Gluten-Free Soup Recipes for a Nutritious Meal

Soup is filling comfort food that can warm your bones on those cold winter nights. But when you have celiac disease required to stick to a diet that doesn’t contain gluten, it can be difficult to find gluten-free soup in the flavor that you are craving.

gluten free soup

Not to worry, however, as it is fairly easy to make your own gluten-free soup, and you can do so with almost any type of ingredients you already have on hand. We’ve compiled some of the best gluten-free soup recipes in this blog post to get you started, so read on to learn more about all the delicious gluten-free soup recipes you and your whole family can enjoy this season.

Common Ingredients in Gluten-Free Soup

There are many ingredients in soups that make them tasty, many of which are gluten-free. Below are some of the most common ingredients you will use when you are making gluten-free soups so be sure you have them on hand before you begin.

  • Fresh vegetables (such as kale and broccoli)
  • Chicken broth (gluten-free broth of course)
  • Chicken
  • Beef broth
  • Chicken stock
  • Beef
  • Sour cream
  • Coconut milk
  • Canned tomatoes
  • Gluten-free pasta
  • Olive oil
  • Green onions
  • White beans (and other types of beans as well)
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Shredded cheese
  • Italian seasoning (and a variety of other seasonings)
  • Lentils
  • Rice

Tips for Gluten-Free Soup

If cooking gluten-free food is new to you, then it can help to review the following tips before you begin as there are many things you need to keep in mind.

Tip 1: Triple Check all Ingredients

If you are serving someone who has a dangerous allergy to gluten, you need to spend some time reading the ingredients of everything you put in the soup very closely. Just because something is labeled gluten-free, doesn’t mean it is completely gluten-free.

Some foods that may not contain gluten can contain traces of it because they are processed on equipment that also processes non-gluten-free foods. Plus, some ingredients, such as barley, can sometimes be gluten-free and other times they may not be.

The last thing you want to do is go through all the hard work to make a gluten-free soup only to find out in the end that it is not actually gluten-free. So stick to ingredients that are certified gluten-free–meaning they don’t contain any traces of the ingredient in any of their ingredients.

Tip 2: Make Extra

Some soups, like a creamy mushroom, can take some prep time and labor to make. This is why you should always double the recipe.

Soup keeps very well in the fridge or freezer and is easy to reheat on a dime. Make a big batch that your family loves and you will have a gluten-free dinner pre-made for an entire week.

Tip 3: Top Your Gluten-Free Soup

It may sound weird to need olive oil to make gluten-free soup recipes, but this was on the ingredient list for a reason. Olive oil can be used to top your soup and blend the flavors together, so always have a little bit of this on hand to serve your soup the right way.

Other toppings you can add to your soup include cilantro, shredded cheese, and maybe some freshly ground black pepper depending on the type of soup you decide to make.

How to Thicken Gluten-Free Soup

During soup season, it is common to crave a thick cheese chowder or split pea soup, the problem is, these types of soups typically call for being thickened with flour.

Even though you’ll have to make these soups without your beloved flour, you don’t have to eat them thin, as you can replace the flour and other related gluten ingredients with cornstarch. So have at least one box of cornstarch handy before you begin cooking your gluten-free soup.

You can mix this cornstarch with some melted butter on the stove to make a roux, just as you normally would with flour, and it will thicken the soup the exact same way, just without the gluten.

What to Serve with Gluten-Free Soup

After you cook your gluten-free soup, you have one final problem to face, and this is what to serve with your gluten-free soup. Typically, soup is served with bread, but because most breads contain gluten, you’ll have to look elsewhere for side dishes for your homemade soup.

Here are some of the best non-gluten sides to serve with your favorite gluten-free soups:

  • Corn Muffins (certified gluten-free of course)
  • Dinner Rolls (labeled gluten-free)
  • Salad
  • Corn tortillas (goes great with chili)

But before you get too carried away thinking about sides, you need to make your soup, so without further delay, let’s take a look at some soup recipes.

45 Amazing Gluten-Free Soup Recipes to Keep You Warm on a Rainy Day

1. Gluten-Free Chicken Tortilla Soup

Gluten-Free Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken tortilla soup is a tasty soup that can be made spicy, and topped with chips when you want soup for dinner but still want that crunch. Try this recipe from Lemons for Lulu which is gluten-free as long as you start with gluten-free ingredients and can easily be made using only one pot.

It has to cook for 4 hours though, so start early when you are craving this soup.

2. Chicken and Rice

Chicken and Rice

Chicken and rice soup is made with all the basics, chicken, rice, and vegetables, and you can make it in your instant pot, making this an easy dinner to have ready in just minutes. Find the directions and full ingredient list on Nutrition in the Kitch, which also has stovetop instructions for those who don’t have an instant pot just yet.

3. Chili

Even kids that claim not to like soup usually love their chili. Check out this easy-to-make chili recipe on Life Family Fun. You likely already have the ingredients you need on hand, and the best part is, you can make it in the instant pot so it is ready in a jiffy.

4. Gluten-Free Potato Soup

Gluten-Free Potato Soup

Want a hearty soup that will keep you full all evening long? Potato soup, especially this recipe from Lemons for Lulu is the answer you are looking for.

Made by combining butter, shallots, garlic, mushrooms, salt, thyme, potatoes, and corn, this soup has a flavor you will absolutely adore. Don’t forget to grab some cheese, green onions, and bacon to put on top of this soup and you will have yourself a proper feast.

5. Beet Soup

Beet Soup

Beet soup is a unique type of soup that you probably won’t be able to find anywhere else. It is made with steamed beets, carrots, spices, sour cream, and a myriad of spices. The result is a surprisingly hearty, and naturally gluten-free soup.

Follow the directions on Nutrition in the Kitch to make this vibrant and creamy soup that your family will adore.

6. White Chicken Chili

White Chicken Chili

As tasty as chili is, if you feed it to your children all the time, they will certainly get bold. Mix it up with this dinner idea from Life Family Fun for a white chicken chili you can make with white beans in a cast-iron skillet.

Grab some cheese, tortilla strips, and maybe even some jalapenos to put on top and your kids will love the fun that comes along with this chili.

7. Gluten-Free Chicken Soup

Gluten-Free Chicken Soup

Eating soup while on a low sodium diet can be rough, so if this applies to you, grab this recipe from Lemons for Lulu to make an easy gluten-free and low sodium soup. Start with low sodium chicken broth to which you will be adding veggies and some chicken.

You will also be adding Orzo pasta, meaning you will want to double-check that the one you buy is one of the gluten-free varieties. Toss this, with some veggies, in a pot on the stove and you will have soup on the table in just 40 minutes.

8. Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower soup has a consistency and flavor reminiscent of chicken soup, but without the meat, making it an ideal dish to serve when you’ve got lots of dietary restrictions to keep in mind. And if you keep the cheese and milk ingredients dairy-free, this dish can easily be vegan as well.

The full instructions are available on Nutrition in the Kitch.

9. Potato and Tater Tot

Potato and Tater Tot

Tired of cream of chicken soup, but still have some leftovers you need to use up? Toss it in this crazy soup from Life Family Fun that also calls for some cheese, water, and tater tots–that’s it.

Because this soup doesn’t contain any spices, it is the perfect choice when you’ve got young guests over for dinner and aren’t sure what their spice tolerance is like.

10. Roasted Tomato

Roasted Tomato

Can’t find a gluten-free tomato soup in the store? Make this roasted tomato soup recipe from Lemons for Lulu at home for your family.

It uses milk, and parmesan cheese for thickening instead of flour, giving you a savory, cheesy, creamy tomato soup flavor without the added gluten.

11. Gluten-Free Lasagna Soup

Gluten-Free Lasagna Soup

You probably thought that your days of making something hearty like lasagna soup were over when you found out you couldn’t have gluten any longer. Count your lucky stars because this delicious soup by Nutrition in the Kitch is completely gluten-free, as it is made with gluten-free noodles, and it is definitely something you can bring to a potluck to impress a crowd.

12. Gluten-Free Vegetable Soup

Gluten-Free Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is a great way to repurpose veggies that you may have purchased to use in another dish but still have them lying around. Try this particular soup from Fork in the Road which focuses on using radishes, and all of their parts, boiled until soft and mixed with a variety of spices.

By the time you are done, you won’t even know it’s radishes you’re eating.

13. Instant Pot Vegetable Soup

Instant Pot Vegetable Soup

If you have an instant pot, then making soup recipes is easier than ever because you can accomplish in minutes what typically takes hours. Next time you have a craving for soup, make this delicious vegetable soup from Lemons for Lulu that is not only filling but also a healthy soup packed full of all the veggies you are missing in your diet.

14. Thai Chicken Soup

Thai Chicken Soup

Dishes that originate in Asia are a godsend when you have a gluten allergy as they tend to rely on rice ingredients rather than wheat. Make this soup from Nutrition in the Kitch next time you want a soup with a spicy, savory flavor that will keep you full. Just be sure to grab some fresh ginger to use as a garnish because it won’t be the same without.

14. Gluten-Free Egg Drop Soup

Gluten-Free Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup is a type of soup that originated in Asia and it is named after how it is made–by dropping an egg in soup. The entire process is outlined on Lemons for Lulu, just ensure you use a gluten-free soy sauce to keep this meal gluten-free.

15. Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup

Split pea soup is a classic, but it comes in a bright green color that can often be off-putting. Surprisingly, this soup naturally doesn’t contain any gluten, so you don’t have to worry when you have a craving, just grab these directions from Palouse Brand and start cooking.

16. Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup

Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup

Lentil and sweet potato soup combines all the flavors of fall in one bowl that you will want to feed your family all season long. You can find the directions on Lemons for Lulu, but basically, you will be combining lentils and sweet potatoes with spices and other vegetables to make this flavorful soup.

17. Thai Pumpkin Soup

Thai Pumpkin Soup

Fall wouldn’t be fall without at least one pumpkin-flavored soup. When you find yourself experiencing a pumpkin craving, make this soup from Nutrition in the Kitch which mixes pureed pumpkin with some spices and coconut milk to make a soup you won’t soon forget.

18. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash soup is another fall favorite that can really get you into the autumn mood. Check out the instructions on Lemons for Lulu, but know the ingredient list for this soup is short–just butternut squash and some spices.

The recipe is naturally gluten-free, just be sure to skip the part about topping with croutons, unless you have some gluten-free croutons handy.

19. Gluten-Free Navy Bean Soup

Gluten-Free Navy Bean Soup

Bean soups are a great way to combine veggies with something a little more hearty that will stick to your bones. Because the broth on these is typically thinner, this is a soup that can be served in the spring and summer without feeling too heavy.

Check out the instructions on Braised and Degalzed to add bean soup to your dinner rotation.

20. Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup

Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup

Busy day ahead? Toss all of the ingredients for this gluten-free soup from Lemons for Lulu in your slow cooker before you head to work and come home to a ready-to-serve dinner.

Don’t be afraid to fill your slow cooker to the top either, as this soup recipe makes for great leftovers you can take for lunch all week long.

21. Cinnamon Sweet Potato Soup

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Soup

Cinnamon sweet potato soup has it all, it’s warm, hearty, and sweet, making it feel like you are eating a treat. The directions can be found on Nutrition in the Kitch, but cooking this soup is very easy, as it only requires a few ingredients you have on hand already.

It does take a little time to prepare, however, so double the ingredients to have extras you can enjoy the next day.

22. Gluten-Free Red Beans and Rice Soup

Gluten-Free Red Beans and Rice Soup

Red beans and rice is a quick dinner idea, and now you can toss all the same ingredients in a tasty soup to switch things up a little. Red beans and rice soup is also one of the quickest soups on the list, only requiring 35 minutes of cooking from start to finish.

Check out the directions on Lemons for Lulu but this is definitely a gluten-free meal you want to try at least once.

23. Instant Pot Bean Soup

Instant Pot Bean Soup

Bean soup is another great type of soup to make in your instant pot because it speeds up the cooking process. Try this version of the dish from Went Here 8 This, which contains pork hock, ham, and a variety of vegetables to make a non-gluten-containing soup that the entire household will adore.

24. Gluten-Free Cabbage Roll Soup

Gluten-Free Cabbage Roll Soup

Cabbage Roll Soup is a unique type of soup that is an easy (not to mention tasty)way to get your kids to eat their veggies. The recipe calls for beef, cabbage, tomatoes, rice, onions, and some spices, and can be found on Lemons for Lulu.

Cabbage roll soup isn’t the easiest to prepare, but it is still quick as it only takes 50 minutes from start to finish.

25. Broccoli and Cheddar

Broccoli and Cheddar

Broccoli and cheddar soup may not be the most healthy when you look at its cream content, but it sure is a sneaky way to get your kids to enjoy broccoli. Try this version of the popular dish by Life Love Good Food which is made with broccoli, cheddar, cream cheese, spices, and cornstarch, keeping it free of gluten.

26. Potato Leek

Potato Leek

Potato leek soup is similar to potato soup, but instead of being thick and chunky, it has a thinner consistency while still maintaining a deep flavor. Therefore it is a great choice for a warmer day when you still want the taste of potatoes without a soup that might weigh you down.

You can find the directions on Lemons for Lulu.

27. New England Clam Chowder

New England Clam Chowder

Clam chowder is a thick and creamy dish that can easily be made without gluten, and dairy to keep the entire family happy. While this dish is easy to make, the hardest part can be finding all the fish ingredients, especially if you live in a landlocked state.

If you can’t, don’t panic, as Poppy’s Wild Kitchen has instructions to make a vegetarian version of this popular clam chowder that will taste the exact same as the classic dish everyone has come to know and love.

28. Stuffed Pepper Soup

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Stuffed pepper soup from Lemons for Lulu has all the ingredients you would usually stuff in a pepper but in a soup. Because it has ingredients like cheese, beef, and Orzo pasta (grab a gluten-free package), you can guarantee this soup will not leave you snacking after dinner.

Add a dollop of sour cream to the top to truly get the full stuffed pepper experience.

29. Potato Sausage and Kale

Potato Sausage and Kale

Potato doesn’t always have to be paired with bacon and cheese in a soup. When you are looking for a little healthier option, head over to Lemons for Lulu and make this potato, sausage, and kale soup that only requires those three ingredients, plus some chicken broth, butter, and onions.

30. Mexican Chicken Soup

Mexican Chicken Soup

Mexican chicken soup is a happy medium, as it is a dish you make at home, but you don’t have to spend a lot of time on it because, for the chicken portion, you will simply shred up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.

Besides the rotisserie chicken, you’ll need a mix of vegetables, as well as pinto or white beans. Mix all the ingredients together as outlined on Lemons for Lulu in a pot on the stove and dinner is done in 20 minutes.

How to Make Gluten-Free Cream of Chicken Soup

Cream of chicken soup is not only a tasty soup, but it is also a comfort food that can take you back to your childhood even after the worst of days. Even if you are on a gluten-free diet, you can still enjoy this soup, just follow the recipe below.


  • Gluten-free chicken stock
  • Milk
  • cornstarch

Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

You will need an equal ratio of chicken stock to milk. So if you want two cups of soup, you should use one cup of chicken stock and one cup of milk.

Step 2: Mix Together

Mix milk and stock together on the stove in a saucepan over medium heat. Slowly add cornstarch tablespoon by tablespoon, stirring constantly until desired consistency is reached.

Step 3: Remove from Heat

Once all the cornstarch is dissolved, cook for 5 more minutes, then remove from the heat and serve.

How to Make Gluten-Free Cream of Mushroom Soup

Looking for something vegetarian? Cream of mushroom soup is just as hearty as cream of chicken soup but without the meat, and it can also be made gluten-free. Here’s a soup recipe to get you started.


  • Olive Oil
  • Shallots, 1 cup
  • Celery, 1/2 cup
  • Mushrooms (about 20 ounces)
  • Sherry (dry, 1/2 cup)
  • Garlic, minced
  • Thyme
  • Vegetable broth, 3 cups
  • Water
  • Cornstarch
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Step 1: Saute

Start by heating a little oil in a saute pan over medium heat on the stove top. Once hot, add the shallots, and celery. Cook these for about 3 minutes, then add your mushrooms, sherry, thyme, and garlic, stirring occasionally.

Step 2: Add Broth

Once the mushrooms are soft add your broth, and about one cup of water to the pan and bring it to a boil. Stir in cornstarch tablespoon by tablespoon until the desired consistency is reached.

Step 3: Cook the Mixture

Allow this mixture to cook for about 20 minutes. Stir it occasionally during this time. Remove from the heat once it is finished.

Step 4: Blend

Puree the mixture in your blender and add salt and pepper to taste. Put the soup immediately in individual bowls if it is still hot, or put it back on the stove if it needs to be reheated.

Gluten-Free Soup Brands

As much as you may want to make your favorite soup recipe for your family, there are some nights when you may not have the time. When that is the case, head to your local store and look for one of the following gluten-free brands.

  • Abundant Life Foods
  • Nona Lim
  • O Organics
  • Organicville
  • Augason Farms
  • Progresso
  • Raley’s
  • Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods
  • San J International
  • Explore Cuisine
  • Back to Nature
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Blount
  • Farm and Kettle
  • Gluten-Free Cafe
  • Wild Stock
  • Boulder Organic
  • Health Valley
  • Miso to Go
  • Namaste Foods
  • Hikari Miso
  • Brooke and Bradford
  • Kettle and Fire
  • Kettle Cuisine
  • Cuisine Sante
  • Metagenics

Do note that not all soups by some of these brands are considered gluten-free. For example, Progresso has many types of soup, some of which are gluten-free and others that are not.

Always read the label before you purchase a can of soup to ensure the soup you are purchasing is truly made without any gluten.

Gluten-free Soup FAQ

Is Miso Soup Gluten-Free?

Some brands of miso soup are gluten-free, while others are not, so it is critical that you always read the package or can before you purchase miso soup.

What Progresso Soups are Gluten-Free?

Many types of Progresso soups are gluten-free, namely the Traditional New England Clam Chowder, Chicken and Wild Rice, Vegetable Classics Lentil, Traditional Split Pea With Ham, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Vegetable Classics French Onion, Rich & Hearty Slow Cooked Vegetable Beef, Traditional Chicken Tortilla, and Traditional Butternut Squash just to name a few.

Does Tomato Soup Have Gluten in it?

While tomato soup doesn’t inherently have gluten in it, some recipes do add flour as a thickener. For this reason, always read the label before purchasing tomato soup, and double-check your recipe is gluten-free before you make it.


Whether you are a beef and vegetable soup person, or someone who prefers a nice thick chowder, there are plenty of gluten-free soup recipes to suit every palate. No matter what gluten-free recipe you pick from this list, you can cook it with your head held high knowing it is something your family will enjoy. And don’t forget to make extra, because you are guaranteed to want to eat whatever soup you make as leftovers the next day.

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