15+ Best Plant Based Blogs

Searching for more plant-based inspiration? This list of 15+ Best Plant Based Blogs will give you amazing recipe ideas that are healthy, mostly gluten free, plant-based, and loaded with nutrients to help you improve your health and wellness! 

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List

The Best Plant Based Blogs You’ve Got To Follow!


Plant based eating is on the rise and it’s no surprise. There is a ton of new research that outlines the benefits of eating more plant foods for both personal health and the health of the environment and plant-based eating is a great, flexible way to add nourishment to your diet. I personally love to eat plant based with a majority of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains mixed with a moderate intake of high-quality animal products like eggs and chicken, grass-fed beef, and seafood including salmon, tuna, and shellfish. 

In this post I’ve gathered my favourite plant based blogs that I truly believe are some of the best out there in the blogosphere…and I know you will just love them too! These bloggers are all incredibly, like seriously-seriously, talented and create an amazing variety of recipes that are mostly plant based or totally vegan. They are health-minded and focus on whole foods that nourish the mind and body.

What is a Plant-Based Diet? 


Many people confuse a plant based diet with a vegan diet but they are not the same. A vegan diet is one that is completely void of animal-sourced foods (meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, fish, etc.), and often those following a vegan diet will also follow a vegan lifestyle meaning they don’t usually use any animal-based products like leather or wool.  While a vegan diet is free of animal products, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s free of sugar, refined flours, or processed foods as we all know there’s no shortage of vegan donuts, cookies, Mac & Cheez, and croissants on the market.

A “plant-based” diet revolves mainly around healthy, unprocessed or minimally processed plant-sourced foods (nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes) with some animal based products like free-range eggs, organic poultry, or wild fish. A plant-based diet is focused around whole foods and unprocessed options, with the idea to eat plant foods… and lots of them!


The Best Plant Based Blogs List: 


15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Running On Real FoodChickpea Shawarma Salad by Running On Real Food

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Running On Real Food

Running On Real Food

When I first began my blog I got connected with Deryn from Running on Real Food who had also just recently started her blog! We immediately became friends and have been blogger buds ever since! Her blog is full of all vegan recipes and she is a serious expert on plant-based eating. Her recipes are unique, loaded with veggies, and she even has a fantastic e-book called Super Simple Plant Based that breaks it all down! 


15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List -Feasting On FruitSunbutter Butterfingers by Feasting On Fruit

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Feasting on Fruit

Feasting On Fruit

I have been a huge fan of Natalie’s blog Feasting On Fruit for a couple of years now. Not only is her blog full of the most mouth-watering food photography ever, she is a master at naturally sweet whole-food focused snacks and desserts that are completely plant-based. Cookies, breads, muffins, cakes, donuts, and so much more! 




15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Choosing ChiaOrange Tofu by Choosing Chia15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Choosing ChiaChoosing Chia

Jess is a magic maker. Seriously! Her blog Choosing Chia is constantly blowing my mind from her creative plant-based recipes to her incredibly beautiful food photography. It’s an amazing space for healthy plant-based eating and just continues to get better and better. Jess also helps bloggers improve their efficiency and learn more about blogging as a business and she provides tons of tips and resources! 



Vegan Lemon Blueberry Pancakes by Make It Dairy Free


15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Make It Dairy Free

Make It Dairy Free 

I only more recently stumbled upon Make It Dairy Free by Andrew and Larisha and I immediately fell in love. Not only are all of their recipes plant-based, they focus on dairy free recipes that make amazing substitutes for recipes that would otherwise be full of dairy. For anyone with a dairy intolerance or allergy like myself, this blog is truly a godsend! The photos are stunning, the recipes are jaw-dropping and you’ll find yourself scrolling and scrolling for more and more of their recipe goodness! 




15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List -Lazy Cat KitchenGochujang Tempeh by Lazy Cat Kitchen

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Lazy Cat Kitchen

Lazy Cat Kitchen

Ania is fantastic at showing how plant-based eating can actually be really simple and enjoyable with her delectable recipes on Lazy Cat Kitchen. There’s a wonderful mix of sweet and savoury options with breakfasts, main dishes, desserts, and holiday specialities. If you are just entering the world of plant based eating, this blog is a fantastic place to start! 



15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List -Jessie May SnyderLoaded Summer Chili Fries by Jessie May

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Jessie May Snyder


I first stumbled across Jessie’s blog through her stunning Instagram page (she seriously has the dreamiest fridge stocking abilities I’ve ever seen…haha! A nutritionists dream!). On her plant-based blog she not only shares delicious and healthy recipes but also ways to reduce food waste, stock your fridge and pantry, choose produce, and her travels! There’s so much healthy food eye-candy, it’s a blog you’ll spend a lot of time devouring! 



15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List -From My BowlBBQ Tempeh Tacos by From My Bowl

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - From My Bowl

From My Bowl 

Caitlin’s blog, From My Bowl, will keep you coming back, and back, and back for more! Her recipes are mostly gluten free, whole foods focused, money-minded (which is great for those who are on a budget!), and free of refined sugars. There are sweet options, savoury options, and page after page of decadent photos to drool over! 



Creamy Black Bean Soup by Wholehearted Eats

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Wholehearted Eats

Wholehearted Eats

Sophie’s blog Wholehearted Eats provides a beautiful mix of spectacular plant-based recipes and wellness related lifestyle content. In the same place you can find easy recipes for raw chocolate macaroons, vegetable bowls, warming soups, and tips on pantry stocking and how to make your own body butter and cold and flu remedies! Sophie’s gorgeous photography mixed with creative healthy recipes makes her blog a must on this list! 



15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - The First MessSweet Potato Cakes by The First Mess

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - The First Mess

The First Mess 

I absolutely love the clean simplicity of Laura’s blog The First Mess. Her recipes are so extraordinary that she has published her very own cookbook which has rave reviews and it’s no surprise! On her blog you’ll find an extensive library of seasonal plant based recipes that are not only intriguing but also “out of the box” including recipes like cinnamon pecan milk, mushroom and beet bolognese, and bloody mary salad! 



15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - My New RootsSweet Potato Sandwiches by My New Roots

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - My New Roots

My New Roots

Written by a fellow holistic nutritionist, Sara Britton, My New Roots is a well-known, incredibly popular, and beautiful plant-based blog that has been around for many years. Sara has an incredible passion for good food and wellness and that passion shines through each lovely post on her blog. Her recipes are unique and sophisticated and absolutely stunning. Sara has also written two cookbooks, My New Roots and Naturally Nourished, bringing even more of her talent and creativity to the world! 



15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - The Awesome GreenEasy DIY Coconut Yogurt by The Awesome Green

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - The Awesome Green

The Awesome Green

Over the past couple of years I have found myself perusing through Pinterest and constantly ending up on Ana’s blog, The Awesome Green! Her photos are so stunning they draw you in instantly and once you visit her beautiful blog you’ll be there to stay. Ana’s blog is packed with whole-food focus vegetarian recipes that nourish the body in specific ways proving that food truly is medicine. Whether you are looking for detox tea, seed-cycling recipes, or immune boosting smoothies, you’ll find your fill at The Awesome Green! 



Speedy Tomato Pasta by Deliciously Ella

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella founded by Ella Mills, is a world renowned plant-based blog that has grown tremendously over the years in popularity. Ella’s recipes are approachable and inspiring and there’s also a whole range of resources to be found on the blog including products, cookbooks, a recipe app, and Ella has her own wellness focused podcast. So much plant-based goodness packed into one magical place on the web!



15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Blissful BasilFancy Avocado Toast by Blissful Basil

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Blissful Basil

Blissful Basil

Ashley, the creative mind behind Blissful Basil has built an amazing resource for plant-based recipes that will keep you coming back for more. Her photos are so incredibly stunning they instantly draw you in and her recipes are innovative and intriguing – hello vegan French onion soup… I see you and I’m going to make you ASAP! On Ashley’s blog you’ll also find a shop page with her favourite products and kitchen gadgets and a pregnancy page with posts on pregnancy wellness.




15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Nutrition StrippedProtein Boosted Buckeyes by Nutrition Stripped

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Nutrition StrippedNutrition Stripped

I don’t know if it’s the long flowing hair or glowing skin but I swear Mckel, dietician and creator of Nutrition Stripped is a wellness goddess. Not only does she look like the picture of health, she practices what she preaches and her beautiful blog is filled with healthy plant focused recipes, wellness programs, lifestyle tips, and there’s also a little shop filled with guides and the cutest foodie t-shirts. If you aren’t totally inspired to improve your health after visiting Nutrition Stripped I’d be shocked! 




West African Peanut Stew by The Simple Veganista 15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - The Simple Veganista

The Simple Veganista

Julie, the beauty behind The Simple Veganista is all about healthy, budget-friendly, easy vegan recipes that even the most picky eater will love. She keeps it simple with tasty recipes that don’t require a boat-load of ingredients (10-ingredients or less) or tons of time, and her blog contains a mix of delicious classics including chocolate chip cookies and healthy Mac and cheese, with more unique recipes like Thai quinoa meatballs and mango granola protein popsicles! 



15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List -Vibrant PlateVegan Chocolate Avocado Pudding by Vibrant Plate

15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List - Vibrant Plate

Vibrant Plate 

Last, but definitely not least on my list of favourite plant based blogs comes Vibrant Plate written by the lovely couple Kristina and Mitja. The blog is all about enjoying plant based whole foods in delicious and exciting ways. On Vibrant Plate you’ll find a fantastic variety of healthy sweets and desserts, nourishing breakfasts, filling soups, salads, and mains, and recipes according to seasonal eating. I love stopping by this beautiful blog often and am always excited to see the latest recipe addition!



I’m hoping right now you have at least 15 new tabs open on your mobile or desktop browser and are ready to dive into every single one of these fantastic plant based blogs! I’m honestly always amazed at how many talented individuals there are out in the blogosphere and I’m always excited to find new healthy food blogs to devour.

Do you have any favourite plant based blogs that keep you coming back to again and again? Tell me about it in the comments section and be sure to pin the photo below to save this list for later! 

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15+ Best Plant Based Blogs List


Author: Christal Sczebel

Christal is the creator of Nutrition in the Kitch. She's a Certified Nutritional Consultant, twice published author, gluten and dairy free recipe developer, food photographer, speaker, wife, and mama. Christal loves good food, all things wellness, and loves to travel. Her wellness philosophy is centred around balance and sustainable health, life's way too short for boring diets and restriction!

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