3 Fall Wellness Tips For Everyone (& The Best Probiotics for Kids!)

Learn three simple ways to boost your immunity during Fall and Back-To-School season as well as the best probiotics for kids and the whole family! 

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Fall is almost here…


Summer is coming to a slow bittersweet end my friends. Ugh, sorry I feel like a bit of a Debbie Downer saying those words, but like every August, the time has come where back-to-school commercials are flooding our screens, the evenings are getting cooler, and everyone is doing their absolute best to soak up every last bit of summer they can.

We are heading home from a lovely holiday in Kelowna today and while I’m sad to be leaving the lakeside life, I am really looking forward to checking in on our home renovation (more on that coming soon!) and getting miss Hemsley back into her regular routine. 

Next month she’s moving over to a new classroom in her daycare, from an Explorer to a Creator she goes and it’s like a little graduation for her! Hemsley has grown so much over the past several months, some days I have to just sit and stare at her so I can lock her little two-year old toddlerness into my memory as she quickly becomes more child-like and less baby-ish. 

3 Simple Ways To Boost Immunity for Back-To-School

As we gear up for this change of classrooms and change of season I’ve got my mind on immunity boosting. Whether you have children or not, or if your children are in school or still really little, it seems that back-to-school season affects us all! 

I’ve noticed that in September, all the colds, flus, and little bugs seem to ramp up. It has been said that we are most likely to catch a cold or flu bug when the weather gets cooler as people begin spending more time indoors sharing their germs with each other…hello schools! Generally cold and flu season starts in September and carries through to April so I’m doing my best to be proactive and get ALL of us – Hemsley, myself, and my hubby – boosted immune-wise!  

3 Simple Ways To Boost Immunity for Back-To-School

Three Simple Fall Wellness Tips:


Here are 3 things we are doing and you can do too to get yourself and/or your whole family immune-ready for September and the back-to-school season! 


1. Hit The Hay Earlier:


I can honestly feel a direct correlation between my sleep hygiene and my ability to ward off illness. I swear I’m not being hypochondriacal when I say I can literally feel a sore throat coming on after a night of poor sleep or going to bed too late. It’s like it creeps right up on me! Of course, aside from my own personal experience, there is actual research that shows a lack of good quality sleep can definitely dampen immune function so it’s best to lessen the late nights of summer (I know, it happens!) and get yourself and everyone else back into a good routine of going to bed on time to allow a solid 7-9 hours of sleep…even more for the little ones (somewhere between 10-13 hours is ideal!). 

2. Pop the Probiotics!:


I’ve talked about the power of probiotics a ton on the blog and trust me, I’m not stopping. I can truly say if I had to choose just one single supplement to take every day, it would be a probiotic. I’ve partnered with Genestra Brands on today’s post as they are one of the leading supplement companies that provides incredibly high quality, proven safe, effective, and reliable products that are backed by clinical and traditional evidence. 

3 Simple Ways To Boost Immunity for Back-To-School

The first probiotic I ever took was a Genestra HMF Forte probiotic and it played a huge role in helping me overcome years of digestive issues and IBS symptoms. During the several years I worked with 1 on 1 with nutrition clients I carried Genestra probiotics in the clinic and they also helped many of my clients! I think it’s safe to say, I’m a huge Genestra fan. Probiotics have been proven to support immune function by bringing more good, beneficial bacteria into the gut which helps the body ward off those nasty colds and flus. If you want to really get into the details, you can read this scientific article that explains the connection in great depth! 

The Best Probiotics For Kids 


Genestra Brands has created high quality probiotics for kids including those going “back-to-school” called HMF Fit For School. If you have little ones ages 4 and up you can arm them with this tasty little daily probiotic that packs in 12.5 Billion CFU (colony forming units) per chewable tablet. Genestra also carries probiotics for children younger than 4 years old. The HMF Fit For School combines research-driven probiotic strains with Vitamin C and Vitamin D to boost children’s upper respiratory tract health and overall immune function. In a recent clinical trial over 50 schoolchildren received either a placebo or probiotic strains included in HMF Fit For School tablet plus 50mg of Vitamin C each day for 6 months and the results showed a significant improvement in the upper respiratory tract health of the children who received the probiotic plus Vitamin C. Probiotics work to say the least! 

3 Simple Ways To Boost Immunity for Back-To-School

When it comes to probiotics for kids for immune-boosting during back-to-school and the fall season, HMF Fit for School is the one! I also highly recommend that you and everyone you are around often (or live with!) take some form of a probiotic each day. For the adults, I truly love the HMF Forte probiotic by Genestra Brands. 

3. Load Up On The Fruits & Veggies:


These wonderful whole-foods are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C (a potent natural immune booster), antibacterial and antifungal properties, enzymes, and more which help to ward off sickness and keep your immune system functioning well. I love to add veggies to my fruit smoothies (you’d never taste them though!) and this is a great way to get pickier little ones to get in their fruits and vegetables as well. Hemsley can definitely be picky on the vegetable side of things, she loves her fruits but vegetables often take a little more convincing so I often blend her up a delicious green smoothie and let her suck all those veggies down! Another great way to load up on vegetables is to make sure you add a salad or steamed vegetables to the dinner table every evening (or as much as possible!). Even if you are just popping a pizza in the oven, while it’s baking whip up a quick salad, nothing too complicated and be sure you and everyone else is getting in a nice serving of vegetables. Here are some of my favorite fruit and veggie filled recipes to inspire you! 

Mint Chocolate Green Smoothie

Kale & Kiwi Supercharged Smoothie

Roasted Veggie Buddha Bowl with Chicken

Clean Eating Beet Soup 

Vitality Kale Superfood Salad

Mango Avocado Walnut Salad

3 Simple Ways To Boost Immunity for Back-To-School

I hope you feel armed and ready to tackle back-to-school season and will be following these three simple steps to boost your immune system and the whole family’s so you can all feel energized, healthy, and happy this fall! Make sure you check out Genestra Brands best probiotics for kids and the huge line of probiotics they carry including the HMF Fit For School, HMF Forte, and another great option, the HMF Travel (perfect for those who are often on-the-go via plane, train, or automobile!).

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Learn how to boost immunity and improve wellness this Fall (September to December) and Back-To-School season with these three simple tips! Find out the BEST Probiotics for Kids and how to beat colds and flus !

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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