17 Best Low FODMAP Breakfasts

Wake up well with these delicious low FODMAP breakfasts! You’ll boost your digestion with these breakfasts that are gluten free, dairy free, and many are plant-based/vegan too!

17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Savory Sweet potato breakfast bowls photo by The Almond Eater


How To Make a Low FODMAP Breakfast


My latest Low FODMAP snacks roundup has been a great resource for those who are looking for digestion-friendly snack ideas, and those who are looking to improve their digestion or reduce IBS-related symptoms, so today I’m expanding the resource and sharing a great list of Low FODMAP breakfast ideas! 

It’s really not hard at all to make a low FODMAP breakfast, you simply need to know which foods to avoid or limit, and which you can enjoy in plenty! This free PDF from Rachel Pauls Food is VERY helpful! If you need more ideas, check out these 11 Best Vegetarian Low FODMAP Recipes.

17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Almond Flour Muffins

What Does “Low FODMAP” Mean?


To best utilize this list of low FODMAP breakfast ideas, you need to know what FODMAPS are.

FODMAP is actually an acronym for foods that contain specific short-chain carbohydrates that can cause digestive issues like gas and bloating (Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols). Invidivuals with IBS typically find it hard to digest foods that contain FODMAPS and following a “low FODMAP” diet can help alleviate IBS-related symptoms.  

This Beginners Guide to a Low-FODMAP Diet from Healthline can help explain in greater detail. Ultimately if you struggle with digestive symptoms including bloating, gas, and stomach pain often (and have ruled out more serious conditions like Crohn’s or colitis), eating less high fodmap and more low FODMAP foods might be the solution! 

If you are looking for low-FODMAP inspiration, or ways to incorporate these foods into your diet, this list of 17 low-FODMAP approved breakfasts is a great place to start! 

17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Acai Bowl

Peanut Butter Acai Bowl from NITK

A single serving of this delicious açai bowl is a great low FODMAP breakfast idea! Try collagen peptides for the protein powder for an extra gut-health boost.



17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Blueberry Overnight Oats

Low Fodmap Blueberry Overnight Oats from Feed Me Pheobe

These berry-licious overnight oats recipe is a great way to start the day, and it’s perfectly digestion friendly. 




17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Dairy Free Frittata

Best Ever Dairy Free Frittata from NITK

This delicious frittata is a perfect low-FODMAP friendly way to start the day. The only thing you’ll need to make sure is that you use only the GREEN TOP part of the green onion (onions are high FODMAP, but not the dark green part of green onions), or you can swap for chives. 




17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Almond Flour Banana Muffins

Almond Flour Banana Muffins from NITK

A single serving of these delicious and healthy almond flour muffins are great addition to a low-FODMAP breakfast. Almond flour is considered low-FODMAP at servings of 1/4 cup, but higher servings of 1/2 cup or more puts them in the high-FODMAP category. Moderation is key!




17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Warm Chia Pudding

Warm Chia Pudding from Nutrition in the Kitch

Chia seeds are a great low-FODMAP option and this chia seed pudding is no exception. While fruits contain FODMAPS, certain fruits in single servings, including banana and berries.



17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Egg Muffins

Meal Prep Egg Muffins from Jessica Eats Real Food

These fun and easy egg muffins are gluten free, dairy free, and do not contain any high FODMAP foods. Just be sure your chicken sausage doesn’t have any added garlic or onion, or use diced turkey or back bacon instead! 




17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Shakshuka

Low Fodmap Shakshuka from Fun Without Fodmaps

This beautiful, rich, tomatoe-y breakfast is packed with protein and perfect for a low-FODMAP morning! 




17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Vanilla Chia Pudding

Classic Vanilla Chia Pudding from Choosing Chia

Another delicious chia seed pudding recipe. This one is classic, with vanilla, berries, and plant-based milk!




17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - French Toast

Dairy Free French Toast from NITK

This yummy and super simple French toast recipe is dairy free and gluten free, as well as low-FODMAP friendly. Use this handy list for fodmap-approved bread options




17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Blueberry Smoothie

Creamy Blueberry Avocado Smoothie from NITK

Avocados are considered a low or high fodmap food, depending on amount consumed. This tasty and creamy smoothie is low-fodmap approved because there is only 1/4 of an avocado per serving (80g or less of avocado per serving is the allowed amount for low-FODMAP).




Low FODMAP Protein Waffles

Low Fodmap Protein Waffles from Rachel Pauls Food

These yummy, protein-packed waffles are perfect for weekdays or weekend brunch and have a delicious and healthy mix of whole-food ingredients. 




17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Sweet potato breakfast bowls

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls from From My Bowl

For a wonderful twist on a breakfast bowl, try these low-FODMAP friendly sweet potato bowls made with whipped sweet potatoes, flax, and nut butter. Swap out the pomegranate topping for raspberries or blueberries as pomegranates are not low-FODMAP!




17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Spirulina Smoothie

Green Spirulina Smoothie from Nutrition in the Kitch

This luscious green superfood smoothie is a great low-FODMAP snack option. Simply swap out the frozen mango for frozen pineapple and sip away! Mango is a food that should be avoided when it comes to FODMAPS but pineapple in moderate portions is fine. 




17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Savory Sweet potato breakfast bowls

Savory Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl from The Almond Eater

Try a savoury and low-FODMAP friendly twist on a sweet potato breakfast bowl with this mouthwatering, super simple recipe. Gluten free and dairy free too! 




17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Buckwheat Pancakes

Vegan Buckwheat Pancakes from Our Nourishing Table

These gorgeous buckwheat pancakes are super simple with just buckwheat flour, tapioca, coconut sugar, apple cider vinegar, and vanilla. Easy to make an low-FODMAP approved. Coconut sugar is a great low FODMAP sweetener in 1-3 teaspoon servings (3 teaspoons or more is considered higher FODMAP)




Matcha Chia Pudding from NITK

Another tasty chia pudding option, this matcha pudding is slightly sweet, fibre-rich, low-FODMAP friendly, and great for  an on-the-go breakfast!




17 Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas - Breakfast Hash

Sweet Potato Hash with Bacon & Veggies from Paleo Running Momma

This simple and delicious protein-packed breakfast hash is full of bright veggies and it’s dairy free, gluten free, and low-FODMAP approved.



I hope you have enjoyed this handy-dandy breakfast recipes list to inspire you to start the day better (even if you aren’t following a low-FODMAP diet). To read an extensive list of foods to avoid and foods to enjoy on a low-FODMAP diet, follow this link


Which of the breakfast ideas on this list peaked your interest? Tell me about it in the comments and be sure to pin the photo below to save this roundup for later!


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